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Swing Moorings

We have 18 swing moorings located just off the marina in our beautifully protected Sandy Bay.  We will splice a new rope to your mooring (permanent customers) so the length suits your vessel.
Our Tender Service runs from 8am to 4pm Weekdays, and till 5pm Weekends & Public Holidays.  Last pick up is 15 mins before closing.  Our tender is usually located at the end of the main gangway as you enter the marina pontoons.  When you need a ride back from your mooring, just call 9949 5399 and we will be there ASAP to transport you and your crew ashore.
We also have dinghies in the water ready for use 24 hours a day, so you have access to your mooring 24/7.  If you arrive back late and miss the tender service, just come alongside pick up a dinghy and take it out to your mooring, so you can row back in when your ready.
Our work berth area is available FREE to mooring clients if you need some power or water to do some cleaning from time to time.  Just call the office 9949 5399 to see if we have a space available.  Generally on the weekends we leave some space available, as during the week the area is used by our staff trades to perform repairs and maintenance.
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